March 4, 2015

photo horde & thoughts

some of the beautiful things that are usually overlooked by the most of us.

currently craving a photoshoot with actual people as subjects, but it feels great to stick to my roots--taking a whole bunch of strikingly-ordinarily-pretty-inanimate-objects-and-plants. crazy to think that that same 14 year old does the same thing two years later (and probably in ten, too).

right now i have projects and exams to (not) look forward to, but at the same time im feeling extremely blissful. it's probably because i've done most of the things i love most recently: listening to new music, watching movies in bed, editing photos, and making media things on the computer.

also recently i've stumbled a number of inspiring things that changed my perspective. it's bad that i probably forgot what they were, but i'd like to think of them as 'angels'; the people and things that come into your life and once its purpose is finished, it leaves you with a mark.

any 'angels' in your life recently?

February 18, 2015

a post-valentine's post

It has been a total of five days since Valentine's, but I just love the color scheme and the environment it brings. I got sick recently and for a day I stayed in bed, missed classes, enjoyed my new book and recently finished Bea's birthday card, which I am pleased about. 

On another note, Prom was a huge success and I read a letter to myself which was written ten months ago which my committee head required us to make. I highly suggest you guys to do it, because it's a weird yet fulfilling experience to check back on your goals. It's sort of like a reality-check from your past (I mentioned "Hope you picked a college course already" which I have, "How does student council and Gradball committee sound?" sounds great and "Hope it isn't a mess like it was before" sadly, it still is a mess Jianine) 

p.s. kung hei fat choi!

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