July 5, 2014

the 5th of july

the 5th of july is a very important date for me, considering two close people in my life celebrate their birthdays. my dad and my very good friend chin (her favorite color is purple!). cards of course are an obligation, and i put time and dedication with every one of these babies; a few hours before midnight should do the trick. but in all seriousness, i love both of them a whole lot and wish all those july babies out there a happy birthday and the best years to come :) we're celebrating my dad's tomorrow with the family and eating steak, and surprising chin on monday with a bunch of thoughtful gifts. hope she likes them!

and by the way, i'm patting myself on the back for improving a whole lot since i started this blog. cringing on those cards and layouts i had two years ago (and apologies to those followers who've witnessed them, how embarrassing).

p.s. school is stress, but what's life without things to keep you occupied?

June 30, 2014

the great indoors

enjoying the little adventures the great indoors has to offer me.
(sunday mornings are lazy but delightful.)

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