October 25, 2014

the saturday market

Yesterday, I went with my mom and brother to the weekly Salcedo Saturday Market. It wasn't the first time I visited, but I didn't have my camera with me the first time (unfortunately). Even though it was my second time, I enjoyed it still: seeing lots of people, buying a bunch of food, smelling something really good, and feeling the heat. It was worth it though, because walking through the city and picking out great finds is just the better way of doing things. Food is good, and what's not to love about pumpkins?

After that, we left the market, ate our food, and went out to a mall. We bought clothes to prepare us for the months to come! (Me and my extended family are going to Baguio this December, and I'm all for it.)

p.s. sembreak just started! so looking forward to lazy days.

October 7, 2014


Today is October 7th, Tuesday, 5:15 PM. I just spent 1 out of my 5-day weekend celebrating my close friend's sixteenth birthday, Zoe (on the left, with her bestie Rian) and it was a blast. The next day I got picked up and had my upper left first molar taken out to make space for my teeth (upper braces are coming next saturday!) so for the rest of the day I slept soundly. I woke up happy there was no school, and started doing productive Prom Committee Media things because sleep makes you energetic and inspired at the same time. A few hours ago, I ate out with my grandmother and helped her buy groceries. Here I am now, wishing the long weekend didn't pass, hoping for a reason to have no classes tomorrow.

This was an ordinary day, and I'm really thankful for it. No 'up' or 'down' happened, and it's great to live that relaxing, straight line in life. Little things like the smell of newly bought bread, borrowing my big brother's hoodie during sweater weather, playing the uke and eating chocolate almonds, and idling around watching my favorite youtubers make me content and happy.

Nah, I'm not craving so much the month October in the sense of Fall and Halloween and Pumpkin Spiced Whatevers, but enjoying ordinary days spent with yourself (or special people) make the month count. So so far, October really is the finest month--not because anything special happened, but because it is here, and it is present, holding many opportunities for us to take. Have a happy week everyone!

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