August 7, 2014

tired & inspired

lately i haven't been feeling well. i decided to be absent from school today, because all i really need is time off and just rest. BUT that didn't stop me from reading and taking pictures all day. in reality, i just miss summer and blogging about daily life. recently, i made a vsco grid and i'm really proud of it; in my mind it should be the next instagram (but it's probably too hipster for the rest of you!)

just a friendly reminder, inspiration is everywhere and don't let life's struggles stop you from whatever you're doing. take a rest if you need to, have fun, and most importantly do what you love. since school has made me so busy, i hope you just hang around for another post i'd love to share with you all! (hint: it involves a cat, and you all know i love cats) 


July 30, 2014

student media congress

School can get on my nerves sometimes, considering all the current stress that pile up, just as extra-curriculars and homeworks do. But, it finally pays off with this wonderful two day experience, which I proudly present to you: "Student Media Congress 2014: Empowering Media Catalysts" at the De La Salle University. They gave us, students up till young professionals talks and workshops regarding our interests and mediums in media. It was so fun and I got to learn a whole lot! There were a bunch of perks, too. I got my canon camera cleaned for free and got a whole cone of ice cream for free and the chance to meet famous professionals for free! It was as close as I could get to a college experience, too. Exploring the campus, wandering to the next class, running to the next class, meeting new people, the norm. Nonetheless, it's almost impossible to describe it in words. Until next year!

(I am deeply sorry for not posting for the past weeks. Thanks for sticking around and checking for new posts even when my page was flat dead. I will try my best to be consistent since I owe you guys)

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