April 14, 2014

elisha and bianca :: portraits

last monday, i called up the whole media team to come over. by 5:00, there were only three of us left and we decided to take a walk around the village. i've known elisha for almost a month now but it's been a blast. bianca, on the other hand, has been with me for two school years in a row! these two, like me, are used to being behind the camera and find themselves awkward in front of it. (this time we shot during dusk, and our problem now with lighting was the lack of it.) nevertheless, the whole day was a lot of fun, with lots of uke playing and laughing!

media mondays :-)

April 13, 2014

color coordinating things

i went over to audrey's last friday to bum out, but turns out we became more productive than expected. i grabbed her pair of Sunnies by Charlie and put it on the floor. next thing i knew, we were collecting all the pink things we could find in her room! it was fun, but then we realized the mess we just made. i suggest doing this with a friend just for amusement, because who knows what you can find around you. have fun i-spying!

p.s. you can tell a lot about a person by doing this! hint: she loves katy perry.

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